Q. 01: What’s the difference between Null & Undefined?

Ans: Null means empty or non-existent value which is used by programmers to indicate “no value”. null is a primitive value and you can assign null to any variable. null is not an object, it is a primitive value. For example…

01. React framework or library:

React is just a library. It builds user interfaces using components. It doesn’t help us with server communications, translations, routing, and so on. It's thin and extremely easy to mix with other 3rd party libraries.

02. JSX:

Javascripts XML is sort form is JSX. JSX is a synthetic sugar for the React.createElement(component…

01. Var Declarations:

The var keyword declares a function or globally-scoped variable.

var a = 10;
if (a === 10) {var a = 20;console.log(a); // output: 20}console.log(a); // output: 20

02. Let Declarations:

The let keyword declares a block-scoped local variable. The variable type let shares a lot of similarities with…

01. String :

A string is a sequence of characters. It holding data that represented in text form.

var name = “Saddam Hossain” ; var age =”28”

· charAt() : it returns a new string consisting of the UTF-16 code units.

var name = “Saddam Hossain knight”;
var position = 4;

Md Saddam Hossain Knight

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